Ran powder foundation’s oil-controlled can last up to 16 hours.
RAN powder foundation has SPF 30 PA++++ which means we can stay in the sun for approximately 30x30 = 900 minutes or 15 hours without sunburnt. SPF 30 can absorb 96.7% UVB with PA (Protection Grade of UVA) which prevent UVA radiation (SPF only protects from UVB radiation). “PA++++” quality increases the protection 8-16 times, as if having an invisible armor for your skin.
RAN powder foundation contains “ceramides extract” from plant that acts like fat under human’s skin. Ceramide extract helps repair dry skin, aging skin, and skin with wrinkles. It does not only protects but also restore skin’s moisturizer. RAN powder foundation is good for people with dry sensitive skin, wrinkles and aging skin problem.
The premium ingredient in RAN Powder Foundation is imported from Japan and France.
Yes, it does. The registered FDA number is 10-1- 5959183. You can trust in our safe and high standard product.
Ran Powder Foundation can last up to 2 years after open the package.